We design advanced digital electronics using a wide range of microcontrollers, embedded processors, and specialized SoCs, taking special attention to signal integrity, thermal management, and EMI/EMC.
An expert electronics engineer is developing a new product testing PCB with an embedded processor using diagnostic equipment


A full range of services to develop your electronic product:

‣ Working together on the device specification
‣ Schematic capture
‣ PCB layout
‣ Signal and power integrity simulation
‣ Preparing a full set of production files and documents
‣ Prototype manufacturing and testing


Having a dedicated RF and Microwave engineer in our team, we are ready to perform a deep integration of wireless interfaces into your device, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G/5G, NFC, GPS, Zigbee, LoRa, Thread and many others.

We offer:
‣ RF design review
‣ Internal and external antenna simulation
‣ Matching the antennas to the enclosure
‣ Assistance with EMI/EMC certification: FCC and CE




Business lady uses a wearable fitness tracker providing wireless IoT connection to smart devices over Bluetooth mesh network




First and foremost, we want the final product to perfectly meet your demands and expectations. That is why we always begin development with a collaborative discussion of the product concept. Besides the technical specifications, we need to clarify the production volume, the market segment, the targeted audience, and the support lifecycle. These factors are all equally important in optimizing the solution.

What's most important is the product concept we create together with you.

Once we have settled on the most crucial part - the concept, we move on. But adhering to the Agile methodology in a collaborative discussion with the client, we can return to this stage in the future. For example, if the customer receives feedback from the early adopters and his vision has changed. Flexibility is the key advantage of our team.
If the product is a cased device, we recommend starting with the industrial design. Then, having created the sketches, we keep moving engineering in parallel, adjusting the electronics to the device case.
Usually, our cross-functional team is successful in integrating the electronics into the customer's preferred design. But sometimes, with very tight assembly, the price of the electronic part increases. Then, we jointly revise the printed circuit boards and the device's appearance to fit into the product cost budget.

Quality code is not just working properly, but is also maintainable, testable, and reusable.

While developing the electronic part, our seasoned experts follow all the requirements of high-tech manufacturing and industry standards. Much attention is paid to signal integrity, antenna matching for wireless communications, and electromagnetic compatibility. For high-power devices, we take heat dissipation into account and match the thermal solution to the enclosure.
The embedded software development usually starts as soon as the initial device concept has been defined. When the hardware is not yet ready, we use development boards and computer simulations to test the software. The user interface and the backend are developed and tested separately. This approach ensures good maintainability and the reusability of components in future products.
For increased flexibility and better control in software engineering, we use the Agile approach. Architecture planning is of great importance in this process so that development iterations run smoothly. That is essential for a solution to be well supported and easily upgraded with new features.
Information and identity security are some of the most important issues in modern civilization. In this new world, most of the data are transferred and stored on the Internet by using not only computers but various smart devices and even household things. To secure the data, we promote Security by Design, an approach to software and hardware development where security is built-in from the beginning and not as a late addition after an incident.

Any connected digital product has to be inherently secure.

The Security by Design philosophy is incorporated in all development lifecycle stages: from concept to deployment. To achieve it, our team implements the industry's best practices and proven solutions, including secure chips, protocols, and software components. Protecting your product from day one is vital to managing the risks to your hard-earned brand and user trust.
Besides development, we manufacture electronics in any volumes needed: from prototypes to mass production. Our long-term cooperation with a local partner in Taiwan ensures consistent quality and fine-grain production control. On top of that, we offer packaging, logistics, and dropshipping, delivering products to your customers' doorsteps.
For mature, established products, we are happy to offer engineering support. Our services include:

‣ Transferring and managing your production
‣ Upgrading your electronics with new components
‣ Adding new features

As a one-stop solution provider, we got you covered from concept to mass production.

Our first responsibility is to work for our clients' continuing success. That's why we take great care to provide you with a product perfectly suiting your vision and needs.